The Big Thing - EP

by The Shy Eyes

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The Shy Eyes blend the genre's of Hard Rock, Pop and Punk together to produce punchy and energetic music. The Shy Eyes is musical project of Joe Regan, a 20 year old music student from Co. Longford, Ireland.

This is The Shy Eyes first EP, entitled "The Big Thing - EP". Consisting of 4 songs, all written, produced and recorded by Joe. Joe wrote and recorded these songs in the summer of 2013, not knowing what would become of them. When Joe wrote the title track to this EP, "The Big Thing", he had a feeling he was onto something, well, BIG. It was this song that made him believe that he could make it as a songwriter, installing a huge amount of confidence in him.

Joe has gone on to write more and more songs since then, more than your average albums worth. Writing and recording all the parts himself, Joe showcases his talent on this EP and based on the future plans he has, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, planning more releases (Both EP's and LP's) of his own material, published through his own Independent Record Label, "Crazy Horse Records", which he set up after concluding the recording sessions. The Big Thing? Let's wait and see.


released December 9, 2013

All songs written, produced, engineered and recorded by: Joe Regan
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Handclaps: Joe Regan



all rights reserved


The Shy Eyes Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: The Big Thing
I wish that somebody could hear me
I think they don't have the time
Cause right now i don't know what i can be
Is it "okay" or is it "fine"?
I swear to god, just a listen will do me
Who knows from there it might just climb
If i get that then at least i might believe
I can be proud of what is mine

Find your voice and nobody can tell you
If you're right or you're wrong
Cause you're doing whatever you wanna do
But it mightn't last for long
So all the free time, try not to waste it
You never know what you could miss
You never know you might get the "next big hit"
And find a moment of bliss

So many sounds on so many stations
Its hard to find what makes you the big thing
The big thing across so many nations
What makes you feel like a king

(Verse 2)

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Cruise Control
It was the first day in a long time
That we didn't speak a word
I saw it coming
That all our loving
Would surely stop and crash and burn
What about those good days?
We'd be in bed all day
Laughing and joking around
Not like those long days
Oh God those long days
The silence hurt me in so many ways

Pick up the phone
Im all alone
I need you here by my side
Cause all my bones
They're sounding tones
Full of angst, love and worry
The times we spent together overweigh all the fights
The arguments don't matter when we think about the good nights
Come home darling, my arms are spread
You're always in my head so lets crawl back into bed

Lets go to cruise control baby
You know i worry about us now and then
We've been a little shaky lately
And i don't ever wanna stumble again
Lets go to cruise control baby
Its smooth sailing from here on out
We've been a little shaky lately
We're gonna fix this there's no doubt
Come on girl
Lets work things out

Its in the evening
I get the feeling
Of regret, loneliness and woe
Its in the morning
I wake up cold
And think of what you might be doing without me
I like to think you're the same but you're not
Boredom can change things a lot
I take all the blame but we can still feel the same
As we did last Summer
Just listen to me singing your name

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Youth
Hold it in
Keep it within
A lie that won't be told
No despair that would unfold

What would you think of me, my dear?

I can't tell you
You don't know what it'l do
I could lose it all on a couple of words you see
And i know i should face the truth
I pray that you would understand
The stupid mistakes you make when you are a youth

The kind who wouldn't lie
I know you thought i was that guy
But we're all the same once you figure out our disguise
Im just another you'l despise
Another full of lies
I don't know whats wrong with me
Love is something i fail to see

What would you think of me, my dear?


(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Fading
Turn around
Why won't you face me?
Is something wrong?
Why won't you tell me?
When i see you looking at the ground like that
I know that somethings on your mind
I know
That you are changing
I've noticed that
The feelings are fading
The empathy that you once showed to me
Is disappearing pretty quickly

But can you
Speak to me about it?
Assure me of your love
'Cause i cannot be without it
We can stay up all night 'til we see the day
But don't say you're not gonna stay

A blank stare
Comes from your bored eye
Its like you don't care
I wanna know why
I wanna see you smile again
Il try and make it happen with my pen
But no amount of songs will change a thing
I fear there's no more joy that i can bring you
Tell me what i did so i can understand
I miss the moments where i held your hand

Then you
Turn around and tell me
"It hasn't been the same since that fight we had lately"
I wanna fix things but you don't seem keen
I think its about time that you come clean

The feelings are fading (4x)

When you
Spoke to me about it
You told me that my love, well
You had to be without it
The feelings were fading now for a long time
I really thought you'd be forever mine
And now
I don't know what to do
Things won't be the same when i don't have you
The picture of us remains on my shelf
I look in the mirror now and i don't see myself